• Muhammad Nur Mahfudh Universitas Islam Negeri Sayyid Ali Rahatullah Tulungagung
  • Muh. Ibnu Soleh STAIMAS Tulungagung


Supervision of Learning, Passion for Teaching Educators


The professionalism of educators can be increased through supervision and the provision of service assistance in the form of providing coaching, providing encouragement and providing guidance which is continuously carried out by the school principal. Principals in supervising educators must require skills in order to be able to thoroughly understand the problems experienced by educators and find the best solutions in order to improve the quality of educational institutions. The method used in this writing is in the form of library research or library research. The sources of data used in this writing come from books, articles and journals, which are related to the supervision of learning in increasing teacher enthusiasm for teaching. The focus of this writing reviews, 1) Learning supervision, 2) Learning supervision objectives, 3) Learning supervision tasks, 4) Learning supervision functions, 5) Learning supervision principles, 6) Educational supervision techniques, 7) Implementation of learning supervision, 8) Understanding the enthusiasm for teaching teachers, 9) Motivation in increasing the enthusiasm for pursuing teachers. Learning supervision carried out by the principal in increasing the teacher's teaching enthusiasm can run well, through: (1) Fulfilling physiological needs, (2) The need for a sense of security, (3) Social needs, (4) The need for appreciation, (5 ) And the need for self-actualization.




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