Dakwah Islam di Era Generasi Milenial (Analisis Metode Dakwah Gus Miftah)

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Luthfi Hidayah


In modern times like today, technology is growing rapidly. Gadgets and the internet also seem to have become the hearts of millennials. Social media is trending among the millennial generation. Da'wah must make full use of it. If not, the flow of da'wah will slow down and become out of date. The development of communication technology has changed the way people communicate. Therefore, it is necessary to optimize the use of new media and da'wah strategies according to the millennial generation. Given the segmentation of mad'u is very complex and diverse. Some time ago, Gus Miftah, an anti-mainstream preacher, was busy talking on social media, showing himself preaching and inviting karaoke guides for prayer. Gus Miftah's method of preaching was unnatural, because the location of his preaching was a nightclub which was considered dirty or inappropriate to receive preaching. Then the question arises, what is Gus Miftah's strategy in getting the immoral experts to go on the right path? using what methods of da'wah are suitable for the marginalized.

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