Tokoh Tasawuf di Era Modern dan Model Dakwahnya

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Ainur Rofiq


KH. Abd. Ghofur is a simple tasawuf figure which is charismatic and full of authority. Up to now, he is a clergy figure having a preaching influence in Lamongan, Tuban, Gresik, Bojonegoro, even in all east java. KH. Abdul Ghofur chooses the way of Education Thoriqoh. How does he offer the Education Thoriqoh? In the book Al-Ma’arif Al-Muhammadiyah, Syaidina Ali bin Abi Thalib ever asked to Rasulullah SAW: “Excuse me Rasulullah, show me the way (thoriqoh) which is near unto Allah, and easily for Allah’s servant, and the most important for Allah!” Rasulullah SAW said: “Doomsday will not happen when there is still human being saying the world “Allah” in this world.” K.H. Abdul Ghofur ever said: “This time is not the time for jihad by the war. But, it is better we engage jihad by against to the laziness and stupidity, that is by praying more and more, and studying seriously.” Besides as a theologian, educator, scientific, and fighter, he is also a successful entrepreneur. Because of the minimal budget for pesantren from government, Sunan Drajat Islamic Boarding School, independently, can fund daily needs of all its students free of charge by running some companies under the shelter of Islamic Boarding School of Sunan Drajat Lamongan as like: limestone mining, Juice “Mengkudu Sunan”, Mengkudu Plantation, Fertilizer Industry, Production of mineral water “Aidrat”, The Cattle Farm, The Catfish Cultivation, The Wood Craftsman Production, The Production of Honey “Tawon Bunga”, The Production of Salt “Samudra”, The Embroidery Business and Convection, Persada FM Radio, Persada TV, Persada Raisa (Umroh Travel), dan others.

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